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So exactly what is a Ramble Run?


Well, not your average running event, that’s for sure. Building off our popular Ramble Ride series, a Ramble Run is a multi-day event with supported stops and catered camps. Each run takes you through unique landscapes along challenging routes. The overall mileage varies, but each day is in the 20-mile range. We keep the routes to as much dirt as possible and cover county gravel roads, forest roads, as well as plenty of trails. And the views are always amazing.

Ramble Runs are all about fun and camaraderie. There is no winner, no results, no start time, no bib numbers, or course cut-off. Go as fast or slow as you like. Make the Ramble Run whatever suits your needs; want a running vacation with buddies? Enjoy slow runs and soaks in the lake, or are you training for a 100 miler? Test your endurance and dial in your nutrition. You carry essential gear each day (jackets, GPS, etc.), and we supply the rest stops and lunch. Call it adventure running, social running, call it a damn good time. Just don’t call it a race.

As challenging as the routes can be, camp life makes it all worthwhile. Fully catered, Ramble camps are the place to come together and share the day’s adventure and a few laughs with friends.

The other thing you’ll notice is we limit participation. We do this for several reasons: First is the impact on the routes. Sixty folks running on trails and gravel roads is a lot. Most importantly, it offers an intimate experience to share with a smaller group of like-minded friends but still allows you to find time for yourself or a small group.

Do you know the saying it’s about the journey, not the destination? Well, the Ramble is about both.


A typical Ramble schedule:

  • A runner meeting is held the evening before departure. The start time is 6:30 pm, and they are brief. Part mixer, part meeting, we’ll catch you up on any announcements introductions and answer any last-minute questions.
  • Runs depart in the mornings. Breakfast starts at 7 am, and most runners hit the trail by 9. If you are fast, sleep in a bit. Want to take it easy that day? Start early.
  • Lunch on the route is typically halfway. Geography plays a part: we’re not going to fill you up before a big climb, but we shoot for that halfway mark. 
  • We’ll mark lunch and water locations on maps distributed at the rider meeting. Natural water is available on all the routes, so pack a mini water filter if you like. We heavily emphasize that this is an adventure-running experience, and as such, you’re responsible for knowing your needs. We provide the tools but look elsewhere if you’re looking for a typical ultra with aid stations every 5 miles.
  • The run is supported. In addition to the aid stations, we will have staff moving around the course in vans, motorcycles, and e-bikes. We’ll have supplies, medical support, directions, or just a high five.
  • Dinner is at 6 pm.
  • A final dinner has a little more fanfare on the last night camping. You’ve just completed an incredible achievement, and it’s time to celebrate. Each Ramble finale is a little different, but they’re a great way to close our time camping.