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Every story has a beginning. Here’s ours.


In 2016, the Ramble Ride was launched as friends riding to Steamboat Springs from Fort Collins, CO. Just one ride that year, but by the following year, word had spread, and in 2017, three rides were held, adding a ride in Oregon and North Carolina. From then, more rides and new locations.

In 2019, I enlisted the help of a close friend who I’ve known for over 25 years.

Having a background in professional cycling and major events, Jeff had started to ride less and run more, taking on trail runs and ultras over the years. In 2020, we planned our first run. Then Covid. Then the Cameron Peak fire burned our entire network of routes.

Starting over, our rides went back online first in 2021. We eased back into events with new routes and new locations, often holding our breath about what might be around the corner.


2022, seven years after the first Ramble Ride, we’re excited to bring our popular format to running.


When I started the Ramble Ride, I knew I wanted a non-competitive format. From my experience growing up on the central coast of California, I knew my stiffest challenger on rides was myself. If I was going to do the miles I was riding, I needed to overcome challenges of doubt and discomfort. I needed to turn off the voice that said, “just stop.”

Whether riding or running, Ramble events provide a platform for a personal experience.

Rambles grew from a place of love. Love of the outdoors, of personal challenges, adventure, of being with friends and family. If I have one wish for Ramblers, it’s that they leave us a little different than when they came. Maybe it’s just that they met new friends or pushed through a boundary. Hopefully, they will learn a little more about themselves and what they can do.

Because you’re capable of a lot.

Join us on our inaugural Ramble Run this year and find out for yourself.


-Peter & Jeff